What frame can I build?


A lugged road, tourer, fast tourer or fixed single speed frame. You have a choice of tubing; Reynolds 525 or 631, or Columbus tubing (recommended).


Your frame will be made of steel, as we do not work with aluminium or titanium due to the fact that the course is 5 days and designed for beginners.



Why 5 days?


Our course is 5 days long and is run on a one to one basis by Darren. The supervision and teaching on this basis ensures the customer is able to learn, build and complete their frame within this timescale.



What should I wear? / Do I need specialist clothing or equipment?


It is recommended you wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty! No shorts or sandals please due to health and safety.


Any PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) will be provided.



Who will design my frame? Do I need to before the course starts?


Essentially you will design your frame! Before the course starts Darren will contact you and discuss your likes/dislikes and any ideas you may have. Perhaps you currently have a bicycle that fits you well and you are comfortable with, but is tired and worn? We can work with this design to build a new frame.



What about colour?


We do not spray/paint frames in house, however should you require this, Darren can arrange for you to meet with Colourtech, who he personally has been using for the past 20 years.